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Famous ... last ... words  2012-4-2

Shortly before Harry Markowitz defended his economics dissertation, Portfolio Selection, at the University of Chicago, he thought, "I know this subject cold. Not even Dr. Milton Friedman can give me a hard time."

Then, ...

101. Cryptic Addition. Are you ready for this sort of interview question? 2012-2-24

In the following addition problem, each of the symbols represents a single digit in the set, {1, 2, 3, 4}.
What is the value of each symbol?

202. Are you smarter than an eighth grader? 2012-5-15

Here's the question that the champion answered for the win at a recent middle school math competition:


A bag of coins contains only pennies, nickels and dimes with at least five of each. How many different, total, monetary values are possible if five coins are selected at random?

May 25, 2012

Après Sarkozy,Le Delugele déluge?

Sarkozy's opponent, Hollande, said he wants to save "French exceptionalism", of which key pillars seem to be the 35-hour work week and retirement at age 62 ... and he wants faster economic growth.

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